General Specifications

Facet fuel pumps have low power requirements of about 1.5 amps at 12 volts. They operate without seals or diaphragms. Pressure relief is built in to prevent flooding when shutting down a hot engine. Facet pumps are compatible with gasoline, diesel, biodiesel, alcohol blends (up to and including E85), and fuel additives.

Search by Fuel Pump Part Number

Facet parts number are debossed on the base of the Cube and Gold-Flo Pumps as shown here.  The numbers are stamped into the back of Posi-Flo & Dura-Lift pumps.

Enter any manufacturer part number.

Facet Posi-Flo Fuel Pumps

For moderate needs up to 100 HP, choose the Posi-Flo Pump.

Facet Sold-State Cube Fuel Pumps

For moderate needs up to 150 HP, choose the Cube Pump.

Facet Gold-Flo Cylinder Fuel Pumps

For high performance needs up to 200 HP, choose the Gold-Flo Pump.

Facet Dura-Lift Fuel Pumps

For high performance needs up to 200 HP & high vertical lift, choose the Dura-Lift Pump.

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